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    Barbara Pacheco, CA

    I love this protein. For a vegan protein, mixes great with water and doesnt have the grainy texture that some of the other plant based ones have.

    Elizabeth Parker, FL

    I love this protein. It tastes great (with water or mixed with almond milk and peanut butter or whatever!) and I have seen a noticeable difference in energy since I started using it. There's a relatively high amount of BCAAs and all kinds of good stuff. I love this product. Highly recommended. I've tried the: Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge (FAVORITE 10/10) Banana Nut (EXCELLENT) Vanilla (GOOD) Natural Chocolate (GOOD 9/10).

    George Williams, NV

    San rawfusion is a very good plant based protein. It mixes well and the flavor is amazing. The natural chocolate does taste like real chocolate and not artificial. Overall a good ingredient profile and affordable vegan friendly protein powder.

    James Moore, MA

    Excellent taste, mixes easily with a spoon. Haven't noticed any decrease in size or strength after switching from whey and casein. On a positive note it doesn't give me the bloat like whey. Tried both flavors and both are good.

    Karen Lynn Kelley, CA

    I have been using Rawfusion for the past year after whey protein powder upset my stomach. I love the Vanilla Rawfusion (although the chocolate is good, too) Recently, decided to try out a different brand of vegan protein powder. I miss my vanilla Rawfusion so much!! It keeps me fuller longer than the current one; mixes better & tastes better. I love that it has all the aminos in it, as well. I am definitely going back to Rawfusion very soon.

    Kourtney McReynolds ,

    Review: Raw Fusion, Flavor: Vanilla Bean 10/10 Thick, creamy, and delicious. I shake it up with 1 cup almond milk and 1 cup coffee. Incredible afternoon pick-me-up. Solubility 10/10 By far the best dissolving plant protein I've tried. It almost (almost!) blends as easily as whey without the use of a blender. Overall: 10/10 Great taste, mixes well, and impressive profile for a plant protein with 21g of protein for 116 calories. Highly recommend for anyone looking to avoid dairy. FYI the chocolate peanut butter is to die for!

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