October is Non-GMO Month

October is Non-GMO Month

October is Non-GMO Month, so it’s time to celebrate. Not only is this a good reminder to always shop for fully organic or Non-GMO Verified products whenever possible, but it’s also a good reminder that you can contribute to the non-GMO process.

So, how can you celebrate Non-GMO Month? Well, you should obviously shop for organic and Non-GMO Verified foods and products, but you can also raise a glass of Rawfusion protein to celebrate all the effort your favorite organic farmers go through to ensure that the food you eat is as healthy as possible. Organic farmers have the extra burden of owning and farming on enough property to allow large, exterior buffer zones between their organic crops and any potential outside contaminators. For that, we should all be grateful. Cheers to organic farmers everywhere!

Another way to celebrate Non-GMO month is to plan out your own crops and gardening, either for fall planting or in preparation for the spring. Purchase and plant only heirloom crops, learn about and practice crop rotation, and use only non-persistent herbicides with no GMO when absolutely necessary. Non-persistent herbicides can keep your personal crops from getting overridden by pests, and they break down quickly so as to not have any negative effect on the soil or crops themselves.

A few things to keep in mind about why you want to avoid GMO foods:

  • They are a living organism which has been artificially manipulated
  • They can show up in almost all food products if you don’t shop carefully (found in nearly 80% of processed foods!)
  • They’ve been banned in over 60 countries, including Australia and Japan, and any GMO-containing products must be labeled as such in the entire EU.
  • Produce made with GMO haven’t lived up to the promises of increased yield, drought tolerance, or enhanced nutrient value
  • They can be avoided by shopping only for organic-labeled foods and products bearing the Non-GMO Verified logo

Do what you can to celebrate Non-GMO Month this October and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you’re putting the most wholesome whole-foods and plant-based products in your body. For more info on GMO products, check out our Should You Say No to GMO? article.

Happy Non-GMO Month!

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