RAWFUSION® Coconut Crepes

RAWFUSION® Coconut Crepes


1/2 Scoop RAWFUSION® Vanilla Bean

1 Scoop Performance Glutamine

1 Cup Eggbeaters

1 Tbsp Raw coconut flour

1/3 Tsp Baking powder

1-2 Drops coconut stevia

3/4 Cup Water

1 Tbsp Peanut Butter

Non-stick Cooking Spray

Crepes are a great breakfast treat once in a while when you go out for breakfast with family and/or friends, and some people manage to make them at home. Rawfusion coconut crepes are a great treat you can make at home to share, or enjoy all to yourself. Either way, they’re super tasty and full of wholesome nutrition.


1. Combine all ingredients (except Peanut Butter) in a shaker cup and shake.

2. Heat a pan to medium-high heat & spray lightly with cooking spray.

3. Pour mixture onto pan and wait a few minutes until the sides start to curl.

4. Flip over and wait another few minutes.

5. Pour peanut butter in the center, roll up crepe and serve.

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Very simple crepe recipe from IFBB pro Noy Alexander!

“The hardest part of sticking to a meal plan is having the late night munchies. I have a wicked sweet tooth and it’s always sneaking up on me when I’m in bed unwinding for the night. So I came up with a bedtime meal/snack/dessert/treat or whatever you want to call it. The peanut butter is optional, but since it is a bedtime snack, the fat will slow down the digestion as you sleep. This combination with the Glutamine makes this snack anti catabolic and longer lasting in supplying nutrients to your muscles as you are sleeping.”

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